Agitar Completes a Successful Launch Year With More Than 40 Enterprise Customers

Agitar's product line was launched in March 2004 and has attracted significant attention from customers — exceeding 40 enterprise deployments — press, and analysts.


Large-scale implementation of developer testing — as the code is created — will be a top priority for every enterprise that really cares about improved software quality and economics. Here are some of the visionary enterprise customers that are already deploying Agitar's solutions: AbeBooks, Cisco, CitiStreet, College Board, Dupont Photomask, EC-One, Financial Engines, Fujitsu, Honeywell, MarketAxess, Novartis Pharmaceuticals, NEC, PeopleSoft, Synergy, Teranet, UBS, Versata, Wachovia, and webMethods.


InfoWorld capped the great first year by awarding Agitator the prestigious “Best Technology of the Year” award for the Best Java Development Tool.


And here are some of the remarks by industry analysts regarding the developer testing solutions provided by Agitar:

Gartner Group
“The evolution of application development has not kept quality at the forefront. As software has become more pervasive, time to market has become more critical and quality has suffered,” says Theresa Lanowitz, research director at Gartner, Inc., the leading provider of research and analysis for the IT industry. “For future success, it is crucial that software has quality built in, rather than having bugs tested out. Developer Testing should be part of the strategies used to accomplish that goal.”

“Software testing needs to occur earlier in the application development life-cycle. Making it easier for the development team to implement and manage unit testing is an essential part of raising the quality of the software product that is ultimately delivered”, said Melissa Webster, Research Director at IDC. “Catching software defects as close to the developer's desktop as possible improves software development productivity, shortens development cycles (and speeds time to market), and reduces risk in product delivery.”

META Group
“There is a growing trend to adopt unit testing as an important component of initiatives to improve software quality,” said Thomas Murphy, Program Director, Application Delivery Strategies at the META Group, a leading provider of information technology research. “But there is a steep learning curve to introducing developer testing in large-scale projects, and few companies have the required skills to do it. The introduction of industrial-strength automation tools and integration with the major software development IDEs will significantly accelerate the adoption.”