Continuous Visibility

  • Do you find it difficult to accurately estimate project completion dates?
  • Do you find yourself padding your schedules by an extra 30-40% to account for all the surprises that you know will be found during systems testing?
  • Do you find yourself always having to use that extra time, release after release?

The problem is that you don’t have visibility into the quality of your project until bug reports start coming in during system testing. It’s only when you see the quantity and severity of bugs that need to be fixed that you understand how much work remains – only then can you begin to predict how long it will take to actually fix them and finish the QA test cycle.

Continuous visibility means fewer surprises

To avoid these late-in-the-game surprises, you need continuous visibility into the quality of your code throughout the development cycle, including the code construction phase. AgitarOne is designed to do just that.

Watch a five-minute demo that shows how to get continuous visibility into the quality of your code with AgitarOne.

AgitarOne - Management Dashboard

Management dashboard gives you the visibility you need

The AgitarOne management dashboard includes reports that give you unprecedented visibility into your team’s developer testing efforts. The reports provide a unified view across the AgitarOne toolset, summarizing the results of running JUnit tests, Agitation, and code rule evaluation. An email summary provides engineering management with up-to-date status and objective evidence of the thoroughness of the testing effort. A customized email report provides developers with a list of test failures and rule violations that need to be addressed, as well as their personal progress against the teams’ developer testing targets. Also available is an in-depth report giving team leads more detailed information on metrics like complexity and risk so they can target further efforts where they are most needed, and a summary report for comparing the status of multiple projects.

AgitarOne, with its comprehensive management dashboard, provides the visibility you need to manage, track, and report on your project.