New Agitar Software Release Simplifies Testing of Hibernate Applications

Domain Expert technology from Agitar delivers first context-aware application testing for Hibernate developers

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Feb. 16, 2006—Agitar Software, the leader in enterprise developer testing, today announced enhancements to Agitator 3.0 that allow developers to generate more comprehensive and relevant unit tests when using the Hibernate open source object/relational mapping (ORM) technology. Developers using Agitar’s Hibernate Domain Expert save time and produce higher quality, more robust and error-free code through automated developer testing.

Developer testing, the practice where software developers create and run unit tests in parallel with writing the code, speeds development, improves software design, and helps eliminate the majority of software defects. While the Hibernate framework eliminates most of the common data persistence programming tasks involved in mapping object-oriented software with relational databases, creating unit tests for Hibernate-based applications requires extensive hand-coding using currently available tools.

Testing is a major pain point for Hibernate developers because the test environment requires a very extensive and complicated set-up. By reading the Hibernate configurations and automatically simulating all the necessary components in memory for fast development and execution, Agitar’s Hibernate Expert saves developers dozens of hours of tedious and error-prone manual set-up and test data generation.

This improved software quality is crucial for financial and insurance firms, for example, that often run data-intensive enterprise environments or e-commerce applications that support revenue and service customers. These applications use Hibernate extensively for database access, and the Hibernate Domain Expert dramatically improves the depth and scope of testing to ensure that the right data is being accessed under all conditions.

"Software quality is key to nearly every industry’s competitiveness today," said Jerry Rudisin, CEO of Agitar. "Companies that short-change—or worse yet skip—building in quality control measures will find themselves lagging behind their peers. Agitator helps eliminate defects earlier in development so that companies are better equipped to deliver products on time, with higher customer satisfaction and lower risk."

Customizing Experts:
Agitator also includes an application programming interface (API) for creating custom Domain Experts. This feature not only allows Agitar to quickly deliver new Domain Experts, but also gives users the ability to build Experts tailor-made for their environment and coding standards.

Customers and partners are increasingly using Agitator’s Domain Expert API to create experts for their own Java environments. This approach is growing in popularity as companies frequently combine multiple open source frameworks customized for their own environment.

For example, 10art-ni Corporation, one of Japan’s leading providers of Linux and Java solutions, has developed its own internal application framework called Ninja-VA. By building a Ninja-VA Domain Expert, 10art-ni is providing its customers with a powerful framework for building and testing applications.

"Hundreds of enterprise customers use Ninja-VA in Japan to run enterprise transactional applications. Using Agitator 3.0, we were able to quickly and easily build a custom Ninja-VA Domain Expert to supplement the framework and give our customers additional control over software quality," said Yasuyuki Yamazaki, Director of Web Solution, Product and SI business Unit at Ten art-ni.

The new Hibernate Domain Expert will be freely available for Agitar customers on March 1. Agitator already includes Domain Experts for coding standards, J2EE, Struts, and Log4J. Agitar will be holding a webinar on the Hibernate Domain Expert on Wednesday, February 22.


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